The Priestess Path

There is a calling summoning women back into the Priestess temple where we gather our strength, understand our medicine, and harness the power of our spiritual gifts together in sacred ceremony. I'm honored to lead you through this wild journey that only few are brave enough to follow.

Feel the Magic!

5-Month Program

  • Power. Pleasure, and Prosperity

    Your life with be forever changed. Get ready to transform with initiations and activations that come from herstory.

  • Divine Balance

    Delve into the heart of energetics and master your energy. Feminine and masculine energies join together in sacred union for inner peace, harmony, and awareness.

  • Passion and Purpose

    You get to have it all.

Your Priestess, Instructor, and Guide

Jen Piceno

Begin the transformation you crave and live your legacy now. Jen is a coach, energy medicine practitioner, and modern mystic with 30+ years of experience in the healing arts. She’ll help you bust through limitations to solidify your purpose and make sure you have fun doing it. Align with everything you’re meant to be in ways you’ve never experienced. Jen takes clients on an epic adventure that crushes time and limitations. Then, she welcomes you into an ecstatic life without sacrificing success, passion, or pleasure. Jen is a bestselling author of Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living, and the host of The Ecstatic Living Podcast. She’s a motivational speaker, ghostwriter, and sassy mompreneur. She savors life while teaching others to do the same.

ECSTATIC LIVING Passion, Pleasure, Prosperity, and Purpose

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