STMA™ Action Program: MONEY MINDSET Edition

This is the right course for you if:

  • You never have enough money.

  • You feel you will never have enough money.

  • You feel stressed about money

  • You hoard money

  • You get rid of money the minute you receive it

  • You don’t have a Money Operating System (for allocating money)

  • You have an abundance of money and you still don’t feel like you have enough.

  • Or any other not-so-great feelings around money.

Group Coaching Experience

with Jen Piceno, Author of Wealth Codes

  • Live Sessions

    8 Gatherings live on Zoom

  • Q&A Integration Bonus Calls

    2 Q&A Integration sessions offer access to personalized support with space to integrate money mindset practices.

Expand Your Abundance and Generate More Money

Faster, Better and With Less Effort

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  • $888.00
  • 20 lessons
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions
  • Live biweekly instruction

Are you in?

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Live in a constant state of abundance.

We start in August!